Coaching supervision

As a coaching supervisor, certified by the Association for Coaching, I work with coaches at all levels of experience: from those still in training to coaches with many years of experience.

To tell you about how I work as a supervisor, it’s probably best to let some of my recent supervisees do the talking for me:

I found it useful to stop and reflect and benefit from both thinking about my practice AND my own goals. 

“You created a space which felt safe for me to be completely honest about the topics I was thinking about.   It felt very easy to talk with you, yet at the same time I felt like you maintained an appropriate level of challenge for me.”  

“I have found working with you so useful – you hold space beautifully and I especially love how what you choose to feedback to me inspires new thinking.” 

“My experiences in supervision with you were so positive that I have found I now have the confidence to feel ready and excited to train in supervision myself. My course starts next month!”

To request a conversation about supervision, contact me to discuss your requirements.